* Experienced Officers Only  


The process for employment as an Experienced Police Officer (EPO) for the City of Hyattsville is below.  Please note that the steps are progressive and applicants must pass each one in order to progress to the next step.


NOTE - For the purposes of this announcement and process, the term Experienced Police Officer (EPO) is defined as an applicant who:

1. Has successfully completed a law enforcement academy (as listed below), and has a minimum of twelve months law enforcement experience.

      a. an academy certified by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC);

      b. an out of state law enforcement academy that meets MPCTC comparative compliance
      c. a federal law enforcement academy that meets MPCTC comparative compliance

1. Initial City Employment Application - Each applicant must complete the City of Hyattsville general employment application. Click here to download the application.

2. Process Orientation - Each applicant must attend an orientation. (This will be done the same day the Physical Agility test.)

3. Physical Agility Test - Each applicant must successfully complete an agility testendurance and the ability to perform the physical demands of a police officer, which will take placeimmediately following the orientation.  Applicants should dress accordingly (athletic clothing,running shoes, etc.) for completion of the agility test.  The requirements of the physical agility test alongwith the required medical release can be downloaded by clicking here.

4. Oral Board Interview - Each applicant will sit before a panel of three sworn members of the department and answer questions to the best of his/her ability.
The questions are focused on giving the applicant an opportunity to expound of why he or she wants to be a police officer, why the applicant should be chosen for the position, what the applicant's strengths and weaknesses are, how the applicant would handle him or herself in certain situations, etc.

*  Applicants should allot approximately 3 hours for the orientation and physical agility.

5. Background Investigation - Each applicant must pass a thorough includes the completion of a detailed Personal History Statement (aka "Blue Book").  During the background examination, the investigator will talk to the applicant's past employers, neighbors, personal references, and may request additional documents such as military discharge papers, school transcripts, training certificates, etc.

6. Polygraph Examination - Each applicant will be administered a truth verification examination (polygraph or computer voice stress analysis), as required by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission.

7. Psychological Examination - Testing consists of a comprehensive battery of(including written and verbal tests of judgment), followed by an intensive personal interview by a licensed psychologist.

8. Physical Examination - Each applicant must pass a complete and thorough examination at a licensedmedical facility, to determine if the applicant is physically fit for duty.  The examination will also include aurine test (urinalysis) to detect the presence or usage of certain types of narcotic substances.

* Please note that successful completion of the above steps does not guarantee employment, as there may be multiple applicants for a limited number of

* The process normally takes approximately six months but could take as long as a year.

* Certified Officers: Out-of-State and Federal Officer applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis, factoring in the applicability of previous training and experience.

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